Katarina Hudson

Katarina Hudson has fifteen years of experience in virtually every facet of the Creative Fields; Art, Advertising, Marketing, PR and Promotion with extensive knowledge of the Fashion and Film industries. She has been involved in a number of major organisations as a trouble-shooter and market analyst in order to establish suitable frameworks for innovative, lifestyle-lead market and product/profile development. Versatile, creative, energetic, innovative and multilingual, Katarina found herself very popular amongst companies with a global perspective. Her multi-faceted career has given her a deep understanding of how these industries are interdependent and co-dependent and this unique, comprehensive perspective enabled her to forcast future trends, all the way from product conception to market reception.

Following her degree in Economics and Business studies and postgraduate diploma in Fashion, Graphics and Design, W Ortmayer (one of the most renowned pioneers of advertising) adopted Katarina as his protege. Through exposure to high level work on major television, film, advertising and fashion companies with a variety of services like product placement, design, advertising concepts, commercials, etc. she very quickly became fluent in all the machinations of the media industries.

Confident and popular, Katarina found herself in demand from leading event organisers for VIP receptions for major international events like golf, tennis and concerts, press conferences, promotions and campaigns, and looked after prestigious brands/profiles (Bruce Springstein, Ute Lemper, Prince, Billecart Salmon Champagne, etc.)

A passion for fashion led Katarina to move into that industry, starting with product and account management (Harrods, M&S, HoF) leading to become marketing director of various companies (Steilmann Group, Pamplemousse, Red or Dead, etc.). Further seven years has provided Katarina with unique knowledge of industry in itself and international marketing, from design management, new business, product and market development, PR and promotion, Celebrity/media liaison, sponsorship negotiation and licensing deals (including Japan and USA).

Subsequently in the last few years Katarina has worked as a profile/brand consultant across different fields from private clubs to raising the profile of polo as a sport (Hurlingham Polo Association, Royal Festival Hall, Krug, Lifetime Records, Jadran Film Studio, Winchester Films, etc.). However her main activities still are amongst the creative industries, especially film. She was even asked to write a column on trends in the movies for WRAP (film trade magazine, now Brtish Cinematographer) establishing a different kind of critical criteria on the movies released.

With all these experiences and expertise Katarina has always felt that there is a better way to recognise those in the creative industries who have a common thread of integrity, which they crave and she can deliver, and that is why she founded Credence-X.



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