Credence-X is an initiative to bring together creative talent and commercial interests under one umbrella in order to elevate the trend led industries to the highest level of substance, artistic merit and prestige.

We provide a base for those involved in the industry that can be trusted.

It is an organisation built on Credence X values and is set up to counteract the media created reality, which has taken over every sphere of our society.

Industries like film, fashion, culture, entertainment, sport, lifestyle and luxury products are in the public eye and therefore provide automatic and effortless access to the media, which over the years helped the service industries in increasing their own profile and making them indispensable with the press. Co-dependence of those two has brought the world fabricated celebrities, brands, success, in a word, fabricated reality.

Unless you are an insider how do you detect genuine service and genuine performance? You cannot, so Credence-X should be your first stop.

Credence-X business guards all those who are vulnerable to exploitation by hype; providing the protection of prestige through affiliation programme and offering consultancy services to those who are alien to media machinations.





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