Credence-X, founded by Katarina Hudson, is an organisation built on Credence X values and is set up to counteract the media created reality which has taken over every sphere of our society. Over twenty years' growth of service industries like Advertising, PR, Promotion, Image/Profile Consultancy etc. has seen our society overloaded with products/brands/personalities whose profiles grossly outstrip their performances. This is particularly true when it comes to trend led industries.

Unlike others, industries like film, fashion, culture, entertainment, sport, lifestyle and luxury products are in the public eye and therefore provide direct access to the media for the aforementioned service industries.

So it is not impossible to conclude that over the years the service industries have come to learn of trend led industries as an asset in increasing their own profile and making them indispensable with the press. Furthermore the co-dependence of these two has brought the world fabricated celebrities, brands, success, in a word fabricated reality.

Unless you are an insider how do you detect genuine service and genuine performance? You cannot, so Credence-X should be your first stop.

Credence-X not only has that insider's knowledge of the methods of the media but also has all round knowledge of the industries in question, and in addition to that it sets the trend among trend-setters. We promise to call upon the best and most respected amongst their own peers for any service suggested.

Credence X Consultancy will delve into the complexity of service/trend led industries and direct you towards the most suitable and most respected company based on insider knowledge and not one that fabricates success. Using the same principles we have created an affiliation as a hallmark of mutual assurance of quality and integrity in goods and services.

However for genuine accomplished brands/profiles in trend led industries the danger ahead lies in that forsaking substance for marketing has reached its climax. That could lead to their becoming victim to those more and more resourceful and unscrupulous media celebrities eager to stay on top of the game by exploitation through association.

For these reasons Credence X Affiliation has been set up, whose invitees are chosen on merit and integrity, whose success has passed the test of time, and who are respected amongst their own peers. Only an affiliation of equals can guarantee that no one is there for exploitation.






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