Today people are concerned with how they are portrayed in the media, they anticipate what will happen, and present a media face for media perception rather than an honest face which is representative of what they are, what they stand for and what they are actually capable of. And unless you are an insider, the face that you are buying into, be it a simple member of the public or be it an investor, would be the one portrayed to the media. And usually it does not have a value.

So, whatever your involvement might be with the trend-led industries or whatever reason for wanting to join them, it is important that you know what it is that you want out of it. Whether you are trying to get your brand endorsed or, let us say, merely investing in movies so you can get closer to the glamorous lifestyle, you should not do it without consultation with Credence X.

We will make sure that your product is endorsed by the right person, admired by your target market rather than just a famous person (unless your product is aimed at the mass market). We will also make sure that your money is invested at the right level in film financing so that your goal is satisfied (just investing in a film does not mean that you are entitled to involvement in it apart from getting profits, or tax break).

By following our methodology we are able to establish how good people really are at what they claim to be good at. We will challenge claims, ask for evidence, assess plausibility, and test skills. As true insiders, we will know who is the best because we have already applied the Credence X, X-ray vision to our working affiliates.

Should you wish to aspire to join Credence X Affiliation we would help you develop product/brand/profile in the philosophy of Credence X to bring them to the standard that would be expected of a Credence X affiliates.

Credence X can also provide a smaller range of services of impartial recommendation of reputable and appropriate PR companies or core marketing strategies. So, if you are on a quest to find that perfect public representative, look more wisely but no further than Credence X.





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