"Endorsements mask weakness yet affiliation signifies equal strength and therefore enhances shared value. Deep essence, substance and true style will pass the test of time."

Credence Affiliation is representative of brands/individuals with a high public profile that have sustained to excel and acquire their status by championing substance/artistic merit over marketing and therefore differentiate themselves from media created public profiles by having respect, integrity, credibility, a genuine timeless quality, and consistency. Attributes, which in the world we live, are the ultimate luxury and therefore the ultimate prestige.


Credence X stands for this kind of prestige which it aims to protect, to maintain and to promote via like-minded affiliates and its own exclusive publication with a unique outlook on the world questioning things from the bigger picture point of view, making it the ultimate read.


Credence X aims to become the official patron for the championing of enduring values by staging an annual award equivalent to the Nobel Prize for industries that have since emerged in order to encourage work that will leave a legacy for future generations and the ultimate recognition.


Credence X Affiliation exists to serve trend led industries, where invitees are chosen on merit and integrity, whose success has passed the test of time and who are respected among their own peers. Only by an affiliation of equals is there a guarantee that no one is there for exploitation.

Accomplished film stars benefit most from this affiliation. Their profile is most bankable but because all the affiliates match them in prestige, their status will not be exploited. Brands from fashion, automotive, lifestyle, mixed with profiles from film, music, public figures, literature, art and so on, would define the actual market and are defined by it.

And you can achieve all that under the umbrella of a Credence X Affiliation.

What is more, you would be assured that whenever you engage in any activities of Credence X, you would be doing so among the best in their own field, and therefore the best in the whole world. And that can only enhance your status.

Apart from enhancing each other's profiles, affiliates would also be able to enlarge their market with the assurance that it will be the right one. There will be no overt waste of money on advertising since Credence X would cover all the markets that are perfect for you. The Hollywood element mixed with prestigious complementary brands in an understated event would absolutely benefit everyone.

Brands will be introduced to other like-minded consumers and vice versa and not only would each of them effortlessly gain new customers but together they would gain even more trust from their customers by showing mutual respect. It's as simple as a group of well-connected friends where we may see one person that we admire that is impressive, but when we see a group of them together it just becomes that much more powerful.

By participating in Credence X, you get the opportunity to participate in exclusive and prestigious activities. You can invite other affiliates of Credence X to participate in your personal and promotional events. You will also receive invites often from fellow affiliates to participate in their events too.

Because of the invitation-only policy and because all members believe in our manifesto, you are assured that your fellow affiliates all adhere to the same values and integrity as you. Like simple friendships, you are more likely to trust a friend of a friend than a complete stranger.

There is one more important reason to join Credence X and that is to re-instate and preserve basic values, to make credibility, integrity, and respect the paradigm of any endeavour.

An "affinity" of individuals and brands who have succeeded through merit rather than hype would definitely start to show that it is still worth standing for quality, timelessness and durability in a product and integrity and honesty in the achieving of it.

At Credence X, we believe that promoting the search for quality in all things is life enhancing and that by forming an affiliation of like-minded souls we facilitate that search. We are only interested in 'excellence' as a goal.

In order for things to stand the test of time they must have a deep essence, a substance and bags of style - which is, after all, what Credence X is all about.




(c) Copyright 2003-2007 Katarina Hudson. All Rights reserved