Fame is an extremely powerful stimulant, it fires adulation and desire. Although its potency commands respect, in the wrong hands it can corrupt.

Some people working within the world of prestige goods or services seek fame and the famous as a tool to enhance and promote their worth. The usual way is to seek celebrity endorsement to add glamour or kudos that would project their goods or services to the right people or customers. However, a celebrity add-on, like cheap perfume would only draw attention to itself and leave the very worthwhile product intended for promotion completely swamped.

Being famous for being famous has become the easy media drug. It's time to kick the habit and to counteract the perceived 'media reality' through a credible and powerful affiliation of like-minded people in order to preserve and protect the world of prestige.

Over twenty years' growth of industries like Advertising, PR, and Profile/Image Consultancy has seen our society overloaded with products/brands/personalities whose profiles have hugely exceeded their performance. Whereas in most cases the aforementioned industries have to be quite resourceful to increase the profile of their clients, trend led industries on the other hand, live in the public eye and therefore provide automatic and effortless access to the media.

Time and time again PR agencies would snap up a promising young designer for free knowing full well that the designer's rise will carry the agency. Only then will the agency's success take off by acquiring clients attracted by their famous signings and who are prepared to pay extortionate fees in the hope of achieving equal fame. In most cases these new clients end up funding social events and parties that benefit the agency and their network and not the product or goods that the PR agency has been engaged to promote.

The exploitation of creative, promising talent, accomplished brands, prominent figures on one side and on the other the abuse of clients eager to acquire the same success and fame through hiring the same PR Company. As the tricks of the trade became more and more transparent amongst insiders, to the outside world it all looked so simple.

Fame was the game. And as the relationship between PR and press became more and more co-dependent so was the need to invent more and more celebrities prepared to play the game; the real ones were no longer available and had better things to do than endorse products. Famous for being famous has overshadowed the real stars and what's more, they were quite happy not to share the same obvious media profile as this new fabricated army of celebrities.

So, as we witness on the outside the rise of brand icons, manufactured celebrities, disposable celebrities, the overload of reality show celebrities, with their accessibility to anyone who is prepared to pay, on the inside the real stars have distanced themselves even further from this media circus. And if you were genuine talent the only admiration you would crave would be among the people who know the difference between real talent in the field rather than talent in self-promotion, your own peers.

You have the likes of brand icons who are worshiped by the masses and yet any one of them would love nothing more than recognition and respect from their own peers, which they lack. All the money and fame which is acquired through the sheer talent of self-advertising in the end leaves them somehow cut off from the prestigious ones in their industry.

Probably it is because of that exclusion that real talent has become vulnerable to exploitation by these more and more resourceful and unscrupulous media celebrities. As with anything else, if they cannot get through on their own merit there is always the method of association. If they are lacking in prestige they just borrow somebody else's.

Unfortunately for them, prestige is one thing you can't buy, borrow or steal. Prestige has to be earned. You can only acquire it through genuine talent, hard work, integrity and respect from your own peers.

However, the risk is that the real personality/product/brand could lose its status through the ever-growing trend of mega-brand celebrities wanting to associate themselves with anybody or anything that will elevate them above other mass celebrities and give them some desired credibility. Though, any association with them would dilute exclusivity.

The best example is the ever increasing tendency of prestigious, up until now, companies hiring mass celebrities and therefore their biggest appeal is to the masses, that automatically sends a message of mass availability, thereby killing its desirability amongst those that should be their target audience. In the hierarchy of desirability, endorsement should always come from the person that your target group admires.

So by hiring a mass celebrity, an exclusive company might as well be shouting "We want to be a mass market company." It kills the essence of what made them desirable - and that is prestige. Of course, initially they might make more money but since the only desirability in the recognizable brand is its exclusivity, once too available it becomes less desirable.

On the other hand, designers will become the leaders of urban cool amongst the cognoscenti by associating themselves with respected celebrities and therefore raising their profiles amongst the people in the know.

Surely you wouldn't think that an editor of the likes of Vogue would be seen dead in anything that is endorsed by the brand icons they helped propel to that status? They are there for the masses. That's where the money is. But that is not cool amongst them, is it? And yet any product that wants to be seen as credible has to have the private approval of the editors of those glossies but not their professional endorsement. What they recommend in their magazines is not what they share among industry insiders. The brand that really gains its kudos among insiders is again the one that tried less but merely stood out on its own merit, and no amount of freebies can get you that.

Prestige, kudos, the ultimate "the thing" what is it nowadays?

It depends to whom you listen. If you consider the media, they would want us to believe that prestige is being famous. But fame is cheap these days; it can be obtained by merely losing your dignity. That we live in a society which always desires what it cannot get leads us to conclude that the ultimate prestige in today's world would be through the recognition of hard work and talent which connote respect, integrity, credibility, genuineness, timeless quality, and consistency.

And this is the kind of prestige that Credence X stands for and is working to preserve. In contrast to orthodox industries where there is not so much danger of misrepresenting these qualities, trend led industries are much more open to abuse unless you have an insider's knowledge.

Credence X not only has all around knowledge of the industries in question, full awareness of the methods of the media, wisdom of all the tricks of the trade, but on top of that it sets the trend among trend-setters. We promise to call upon the best and most respected amongst their own peers for any service suggested. Should you wish to invest we will make sure that it is in a reputable rather than a media hyped business. We will make sure that whatever your requirements are you will get the best of the best.

Credence X will delve into the complexity of trend led industries and direct you towards the most suitable and most respected company based on insider knowledge and not one that fabricates success. We X-ray through the hype.

Credence X business guards those who are most vulnerable to exploitation by hype. For that we have also set up an affiliation of like-minded clients who share our values to maintain their status and protect them against unworthy association.



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